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Mega-Site Navigation

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Advanced Filter

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Interactive Table

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I really canā€™t express enough love for the framework and components, it has completely reinvigorated my love of building websites again. I can also see a future where I get to have some time off because it will save me so much time. Really amazing work.

— David Brookes


All the components are based on CodyFrame, our popular front-end framework, and built in HTML, CSS (SCSS), and vanilla JavaScript.

What you can build with our UI Framework:

Hugo logo

Use with static site generators like Hugo and Jekyll

Wordpress logo

Build your custom WP theme

Shopify logo

Build your custom Shopify theme

Handlebars logo

Use with templating languages like Handlebars

Kirby logo

Integrate in other CMS like Craft and Kirby

Design global styles in the browser

Create buttons, forms, typography settings, and color themes in the browser, then export code compatible with our UI Framework!

Explore Global Editors ›

Love the work done with the pro component library. A huge time saver for me in quickly prototyping and even launching ideas. Especially knowing that accessibility and good coding practices are foundational to your product. I tell all my co-workers and peers to check it out for their projects.

— Andrew Ciobanasiu

Design a web page in 6 minutes using the CodyHouse UI Framework

Our Team

We're Claudia and Sebastiano, a duo of web designers based in Italy.

We make our living working full-time on CodyHouse and Nucleo.

Go Pro - $89/year

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