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Introducing CodyHouse Pro

17 months after having brought CodyHouse back to life, we celebrate the launch of CodyHouse Pro! 🎉

Introducing CodyHouse Pro
By CodyHouse
404 HTML, CSS, JS components. Download →

Today is a special day for the CodyHouse team (Claudia and I 😄)! After months of planning and working, we're thrilled to introduce the next chapter of our project: CodyHouse Pro.

What #

CodyHouse Pro is:

  • A (growing) collection of 40 premium components, that join our 110 free components.
  • The possibility to organize the CodyHouse components and globals in (unlimited) projects.
  • The option to export projects as ready-to-use packages.

The starting price is $89/year. It's a subscription. You can cancel your membership at any time in your account settings. You can buy Pro for multiple users (e.g., your team) at a discounted price.

Explore the Pro Components

Why #

When the CodyHouse coded experiments started gaining popularity back in 2014 (oh my, we're old!), we were asked by many users to 'connect' the experiments with a framework, as opposed to releasing each experiment as a standalone package. Back at the time, we were still sorting out the business options of our small company, and we decided to invest our time on another project, Nucleo.

Four years later, thanks to the revenue generated by Nucleo, we had the chance to take in a new project. Without hesitation, we decided to bring CodyHouse back to life! It wasn't a decision driven solely by heart; we knew CodyHouse had great potential. After all, without us working on it for over a year, it still generated a ton of traffic and downloads.

The idea was to convert our collection of web experiments into a library of accessible components, all connected with a front-end framework.

It was more challenging than we expected 😅.

After nine months of work, we launched our front-end framework and the first 15 components.

Since then, a lot has happened:

  1. We've launched the global editors, a collection of web design tools to create and export typography elements, color themes, spacing rules, buttons, and forms;
  2. We've launched version 2.0 of the framework with plenty of improvements;
  3. We've published 100 (free) components.

We believe we've created a solid base for CodyHouse to grow, with the help of a great community of developers supporting our work.

The new challenge #

For CodyHouse to thrive, it needs to generate revenue. It's a simple truth.

If you plan on charging users, you have to come up with a product that generates value for them. We believe CodyHouse Pro provides great value to web developers.

How can we be so sure? Because we've been using it in our projects for over a year and it has helped us design faster.

Each component takes 2-10 hours of work. It's time we spend doing research, designing, developing, and testing. It's time you save as a Pro user.

Use two components, and you've saved (a minimum of) four hours of work.

What's next #

We have a huge list of components on our roadmap! Our goal over the following months is to keep delivering accessible, progressively-enhanced components. We want to build the best, coded UI Framework on the market.

Specifically, we'll focus our work on the following categories:

  • Headers and Navigations
  • Tables
  • Form Elements
  • Gallery
  • Blog
  • Application
  • E-commerce

In addition to that, we plan on publishing more learning material about the Framework.

Now that the Framework is stable, we can work on a comprehensive video course on the basics, as well as videos about creating components. We're also starting a series of mini-videos (that we're calling #CodyHouseNuggets) about CSS and JS tips. They'll be available on our Twitter and Instagram channels.

In conclusion: we've launched CodyHouse Pro, we're happy, and we hope you'll love it ✌️.

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