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June 04, 2020

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Hello again!

Last month we released Mercurio, the first of a long series of templates we plan on releasing over the next months. Following Rogier's suggestion on our board, we've also shipped the option to export the style guide of a CodyFrame project.

Below is a recap of the latest tutorials and components published in May.

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— Seb & Claudia 🖤

CSS Nugget #36: Styling Siblings on Hover

Use the :not CSS selector to stylize siblings on hover.

Normally, you would need JavaScript to stylize all the siblings of an element you're interacting with. But wait! There's a cool method based 100% on CSS.

The idea, in short, is to target the :hover of the parent, then target all the children except the one you're hovering over.

Code snippet

Use this technique to create hover effects like this one:

effect preview

Check the code demo

UI Framework

New components of the month:

1. Explorer (Pro)

Modal window with autocomplete search.



2. Sticky Banner (free)

A sticky banner that slides in passed a target element or a scrolling offset.


Sticky Banner

3. Gallery v2 (Pro)

A gallery of card components with an additional text element.


Gallery v2

4. Banner (free)

A CTA banner containing text + media.



5. Feature v11 (Pro)

A feature section containing a boxed content over a background image.


Feature v11

6. Autocomplete (Pro)

Autocomplete widget for input elements.



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