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Edit the 'custom-style/_forms.scss' file to create your custom form elements.

🔍 On this page:

  1. Form control (.form-control) component
  2. Fixed-size inputs
  3. Custom radio/checkbox buttons
  4. Custom select
  5. Forms visual editor
  6. Forms validator
  7. Useful links

Form Control component #

The .form-control class applies the basic style to all form elements.

You can also use one of the following class modifiers:

Class Description
.form-control basic style of all form elements
.form-control--error highlight form element where value entered is invalid
.form-control--disabled target disabled form elements

Other form classes:

Class Description
.form-legend <legend> element
.form-label <label> element

To see the basic form elements in action, check the Form Example component.

Fork the pen below or use the Forms Editor to create your custom form style:

Fixed size inputs #

By default, the form-control size depends on the padding and font-size. To create fixed-sized input variations (e.g., a .form-control element with a height equal to 40px), you can create class modifiers (e.g., in your 'custom-style/_util.scss' file):

/* 👇 example: custom height utility classes */
.height-30, .height-40, .height-50 {
  height: var(--height);

  &.btn, &.form-control {
    line-height: var(--height);
    padding-top: 0;
    padding-bottom: 0;

.height-30 { --height: 30px; }
.height-40 { --height: 40px; }
.height-50 { --height: 50px; }

/* 👇 example: custom width utility classes */
.width-40, .width-120 {
  width: var(--width);

  &.btn {
    padding-left: 0;
    padding-right: 0;

.width-40  { --width: 40px; }
.width-120 { --width: 120px; }

Here's a live example:

Custom radio/checkbox buttons #

To replace the native radio/checkbox buttons with custom ones, import the Radio Checkbox Buttons component.

Custom select #

To replace the native select element with a custom one, import the Custom Select component.

Forms Editor #

The Forms Editor allows you to design and export form elements. The generated code should be pasted into CodyFrame 'custom-style/_forms.scss' file.

Form validator #

To validate fields in a form, check our Form Validator (Pro) component.

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