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The 📁 base/_breakpoints.scss file contains a SASS map with the breakpoints values.

⚠️ The files inside the base/ folder contain essential CSS rules and utility classes. We suggest you don't modify them. Use the custom-style/ folder to add your own style.

🔍 On this page:

  1. Breakpoints list
  2. How to use the breakpoint mixin
  3. How to edit the breakpoints

Breakpoints List #

Here's the list of all available breakpoints:

$breakpoints: (
  xs: 32rem, // ~512px
  sm: 48rem, // ~768px
  md: 64rem, // ~1024px
  lg: 80rem, // ~1280px
  xl: 90rem  // ~1440px
) !default;

@mixin breakpoint($breakpoint, $logic: false) {
  @if( $logic ) {
    @media #{$logic} and (min-width: map-get($map: $breakpoints, $key: $breakpoint)) { @content; }
  } @else {
    @media (min-width: map-get($map: $breakpoints, $key: $breakpoint)) { @content; }

CodyFrame is mobile first, so the breakpoint mixin targets only the min-width of the viewport.

How to use the breakpoint mixin #

Here's an example of how to use the mixin to add a media query:

@include breakpoint(md) {
    /* your code here */

This will be converted to:

@media (min-width: 64rem) {
  /* your code here */

If you need to use more advanced media queries, you can pass an additional $logic argument to the mixin as well. For example:

@include breakpoint(sm, "not all") {
  /* your code here */

 This will be converted to:

@media not all and (min-width: 32rem) {
  /* your code here */

How to edit the breakpoints #

To edit the default breakpoints, you'll need to copy the $breakpoints SASS map (removing the !default flag) and import your custom breakpoints before the 'base' and 'custom-style' files of the framework.

$breakpoints: (
  xs: 32rem,
  sm: 48rem,
  md: 64rem,
  lg: 80rem,
  xl: 90rem

@import 'base';
@import 'custom-style';

Because we use SASS !default flag in the base/_breakpoints.scss file, your custom breakpoints will overwrite the ones in the framework (even if yours are defined before).

If you create a _breakpoints.scss file in the 'custom-style' folder and define your custom breakpoints there, make sure to import it before the 'base' style:

@import 'custom-style/breakpoints';
@import 'base';
@import 'custom-style';

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