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CodyHouse Snippets #

A set of CodyHouse Framework snippets for Visual Studio Code.

The extension provides autocompletion for HTML (CSS utility classes), SCSS (custom properties), and JS utility functions.

Download on the VSCode marketplace


CSS Classes autocompletion:

HTML autocompletion

Autocompletion for CSS custom properties and mixin snippets:

SCSS autocompletion

Autocompletion for JS utility functions:

JS autocompletion

CodyHouse Docs #

Navigate the CodyHouse documentation directly from within Visual Studio Code.

Download on the VSCode marketplace

Press โ‡งโŒ˜P to bring up the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows), then search for "CodyHouse Doc" and choose the topic you want to access on the website.

CodyHouse docs via VSCode Command Palette

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