CodyHouse's Components is a library of HTML, CSS, JS production-ready modules. Each component is accessible, responsive, and work seamlessly with the framework.

Please bear in mind that the components use CSS Variables defined in the Framework. You can use a component without the framework, but you should replace all variables and mixins with your own custom values.

The components use SASS and the BEM naming convention.

Supported browsers #

The components support the latest, stable releases of all major browsers. On Windows, we support IE 10-11 / Microsoft Edge. On IE 9 the components remain accessible, but the style may look different compared to the result on modern browsers.

Progressive enhancement #

The Framework and the Components are built following the principle of progressive enhancement. Please make sure to include the following script in the <head> of your document:

<script>document.getElementsByTagName("html")[0].className += " js";</script>

The script is used in CSS to target that Javascript is enabled and apply additional style accordingly. If you don't include the script, part of the style of the components won't be visible.

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