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Sub Navigation

Secondary navigation template.

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How to

The Sub Navigation component is used to display navigation content that is of secondary interest to the user.

To change the navigation alignment, edit the .justify-center flebox utility class applied to the <nav> element. For example, remove the class to align the navigation content to the left.

Collapsed Variation #

If you use one of the .subnav--expanded@{breakpoint} class modifiers, the layout is presented 1) in a collapsed form (navigation is hidden and can be revealed using a trigger element) before the breakpoint and 2) in the expanded form after the breakpoint (see demo). The collapsed variation is optimized for smaller screens.

Here's a list of the class modifiers:

  • .subnav--expanded@xs
  • .subnav--expanded@sm
  • .subnav--expanded@md
  • .subnav--expanded@lg
  • .subnav--expanded@xl


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