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Social Sharing

Social sharing plugin.

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All components are based on CodyFrame.

How to

The Social Sharing component is used to display a list of buttons to share content on social media.

You can customize the shared content adding different data attributes to the .js-social-share element.

Twitter #

  • data-text: content of your tweet;
  • data-hashtags: list of comma-separated hashtags.

Facebook #

  • data-url: url of the content you want to share.

Pinterest #

  • data-description: content of your pin;
  • data-media: path of the image you want to share;
  • data-url: link of your pin.

Linkedin #

  • data-url: url of the content you want to share.

Mail #

  • data-subject: subject of your email;
  • data-body: body of your email.

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