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Slider element for choosing numbers between a min and a max value.

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All components are compatible with CodyFrame, Tailwind CSS or any other CSS framework.

How To

The Slider component can be used to select and display a value in a specified interval. It uses the native <input type="range"> element.

To change the range of possible values, you can modify the min and the max attributes of the range input element; you can also define a step using the step attribute.

If you need a slider with multi-value selection (minimum and maximum value), please use the Multi-Value Slider component.

If you need to reset the appearance of the slider element after the native <input type="range"> has been updated by an external control (e.g., a form reset), use the slider-updated custom event to trigger the update:

var customSlider = document.getElementsByClassName('js-slider')[0];
var customEvent = new CustomEvent('slider-updated');
// update the slider appearance to match the <input> element


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