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Light Dark Switch

A color theme switcher based on the user system preferences.

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How to

The light/dark component controls the color theme of your website. It supports 3 appearances: light, dark, and 'system' (i.e., it depends on the user system preferences).

Behind the scene, this component is a <select> element. Make sure the data-option-theme values are equal to your light/dark color theme names.

<div class="adv-select js-adv-select js-ld-switch">
    <optgroup label="Appearance">
      <option value="0" data-option-theme="default">Light</option>
      <option value="1" data-option-theme="dark">Dark</option>
      <option value="2">System</option>

  <!-- ... -->

To customize the appearance of the <option> elements, we're using the Advanced Custom Select component.

If you need to customize the .ld-switch-btn__icon elements, make sure to preserve their order (light, dark, system light and system dark).

Appy theme selection #

When a color theme is selected, the component adds to the HTML element a data-theme attribute equal to the color theme name (e.g., data-theme="dark").

If you need to apply that attribute to a different DOM element (e.g., the <body>), you can modify the updateThemeValue function in the light-dark-switch.js file.

Save theme selection #

The Local Storage API is used to store the theme selection. The ldSwitch data item is added to the localStorage property when a theme selection is made (possible values are light/dark color theme names and 'system').

On page reload, you can check if the ldSwitch item is set and apply a color theme accordingly:

var themeSelection = localStorage.getItem('ldSwitch');


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