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Feature v11

A feature section containing a boxed content over a background image.

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All components are based on CodyFrame.

This component includes variations. Variations share the same SCSS/JS code but differ in their HTML.

How to

The Feature v11 component is used to display a boxed content over a background image.

The top/bottom margin of the content controls how much of the image is visible above/below the boxed content.

<section class="position-relative z-index-1 padding-y-xl bg-contrast-lower">
  <div class="container max-width-adaptive-lg position-relative">
    <div class="grid  padding-x-md [email protected]">
      <div class="position-relative z-index-2 [email protected] [email protected]">
        <div class="text-component bg padding-md [email protected] shadow-sm line-height-md margin-y-xxl"> <!-- 👈 -->
          <!-- ... -->

      <figure class="position-absolute z-index-1 top-0 right-0 height-100% [email protected]">
        <!-- ... -->

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