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FAQ v3

Q&A template based on the table of contents and accordion components.

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The FAQ v3 component is a template used to list the frequently asked questions and relative answers. The accordion and table of contents components are used to organize the content.

Fixed Header #

If your page has a fixed element (e.g., a fixed header), part of the FAQ table of content may be obscured. Also, part of the target FAQ section may be obscured when the page scrolls to it (after selection in the table of content).

Fix issue with scrolling position

To implement the smooth scrolling (e.g., select a link in the table of content and smooth scroll to the FAQ section), we use the Smooth Scrolling component.

To fix the issue with the smooth scrolling, you can modify the style of the Smooth Scrolling component to include a scroll-padding value. You can find more info on how to do that on the Smooth Scrolling Info page.

Fix issue with table of content

To create the FAQ table of content, we use the Table Of Contents component

To fix the issue with the table of content being partly obscured, you can modify its top value in the style of the Table of Contents component. You can find more info on how to do that on the Table of Contents info page.


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