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Modal window with autocomplete search.

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The Explorer plugin is a search with autocomplete, displayed in a modal window. It can be used to provide quick commands to the user, or it can act as website content filter.

This component is based on the autocomplete plugin, therefore it inherits its options:

  • create custom templates for the result items
  • show quick links/commands
  • result autocomplete
  • and more...

The component includes the following CSS custom properties:

:root {
  // input
  --explorer-input-height: 3em;
  --explorer-input-padding-x: var(--space-sm);
  --explorer-input-padding-y: 0;

  // result items
  --explorer-dropdown-max-items: 6; // max number of visible results
  --explorer-result-item-height: 3em;
  --explorer-result-item-padding-x: var(--space-sm);
  --explorer-result-item-padding-y: 0;


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