May 27, 2015

12 months and 54 resources later, we’re happy to blow out our first candle and share a little bit of what’s behind the curtain of the CodyHouse project.

Our story in a nutshell

CodyHouse started as a way to promote a web agency. After we (Claudia and Sebastiano) quit our full-time job and decided to re-invent our working career, we started a full-immersion into web developing. With not much to show into our portfolio and few clients, we tried to turn things around by investing our time in building a free library of coded nuggets. It worked! CodyHouse was a huge success since the beginning. It's no longer a side project, but a full-time job. We also recently launched our first product for designers & developers, Nucleo. And it's just the beginning...

Some Numbers

Popular Resources

a special Thanks

to all those that help us spread the word. You’re the best!

What’s next?

We have some cool ideas, but we’d love to hear your thoughts first. What would you like to see on CodyHouse?