Mastering CSS Transitions, Transforms & Animations

A practical course on how to add motion effects to your web projects

Description of the course

This course is focused on 3 powerful CSS properties: Transitions, Transforms and Animations. You will learn the basics of animating web elements, with 10 step by step video tutorials, as well as advanced tricks to raise your game in real life projects.


Lessons: 10 – Subtitles: English – Video: 1080p HD – Length: 2:43:26

  1. Introduction to CSS Transitions12:01
  2. Create a tooltip22:58
  3. Introduction to CSS Transforms19:46
  4. Create a morphing menu icon12:07
  5. Introduction to CSS Animations14:05
  6. Create an animated text effect20:06
  7. Understanding Timing Functions13:54
  8. Project Part I16:35
  9. Project Part II15:36
  10. Project Part III16:18


Questions & Answers

  • Whom this course is for?

    The course is focused on CSS properties, which we explain from scratch. Therefore a basic understanding of html and CSS is necessary.

  • How does this course work?

    You will receive an email including the links to download the 10 chapters of the course. Each chapter contains a video tutorial, project files (html/css) plus a text file in case we wanted to provide additional information.

  • What tools do you use during the course?

    All we use is a code editor (we use Sublime Text, but any code editor will do) and the browser. That’s all you need to follow the course!