Learn JavaScript and jQuery

A practical course on how to create interactive web pages

Description of the course

Learn JavaScript and jQuery is a step-by-step video course that teaches you how to create your own scripts, using vanilla JavaScript and jQuery, JavaScript most popular library. By the end of the course, you’ll learn how to create dynamic elements like sliders and morphing modals,¬†create page scrolling effects, load your page content using Ajax and more!


Lessons: 15 РSubtitles: English РVideo: 1080p HD РLength: 5:21:32

  1. Querying the DOM I22:12
  2. Querying the DOM II24:37
  3. Functions and event delegation22:12
  4. For loop and closure17:52
  5. Creating Content27:34
  6. jQuery methods I21:39
  7. jQuery methods II16:48
  8. Creating a morphing modal window28:10
  9. JavaScript Objects25:55
  10. JavaScript Timers21:48
  11. Ajax part I22:12
  12. Ajax part II15:40
  13. Using Modernizr05:53
  14. Creating a slider in JavaScript36:20
  15. Creating a page scroll effect in jQuery12:30

Questions & Answers

  • Whom this course is for?

    The course focuses on JavaScript and jQuery, which we explain from scratch. A basic understanding of html and CSS is necessary.

  • How does this course work?

    You will receive an email including the links to download the 15 chapters of the course. Each chapter contains a video tutorial, project files (html/css/js) plus a text file in case we wanted to provide additional information.

  • What tools do you use during the course?

    All we use is a code editor (we use Sublime Text, but any code editor will do) and the browser.
    For the two Ajax lessons we use MAMP.